Is Phone Sex Cheating?


Phone sex is a sexually explicit telephone conversation for the purpose of getting sexual gratification. It can be an exciting way to connect with your partner when you’re in a long distance relationship or with paid professional when you just want to go off. Phone sex takes imagination on both parties to titillate the most powerful sex organ—the brain.

For several decades now phone sex had been the legal way for men to find sexual release without soliciting prostitutes. Using phone sex chat lines is widely regarded as an exciting option to talk about passions and fantasies anonymously. If you’ve ever watched television at midnight you probably seen the ads. The way this worked was super-hot sultry voices were hired to answer phone calls from men wanting sexual release during phone calls. These calls were charged by the minute depending on what service the men called and what kind of call they wanted to have. Nothing was off limits because some services allow conversation of all sorts of topics.

Phone sex became popular with men of all types, professions and relationship statuses. Men who were in committed relationship or married call phone sex service. Phone sex became popular for different reasons. One, it’s safe you don’t need protection. It can be intimate and can bring together partners from different location. Men can let their guard down and share their sexy fantasies they would not normally share with their significant other. They can have fun with no commitment. Some men had fetishes that the only way they can engage in them anonymously was with a phone sex operator.

In some ways, phone sex served a good purpose. Men who are away from home can find sexual release by getting on the phone. It can also be a great way to experience deepest fantasies and act it out without hurting anyone. Once the men achieved their goal they can hung up and totally forgot about the phone sex operator. Even though men who engage in phone sex and the women on the other end of the line never met or touch each other physically, many women became upset when they found out that their man was on phone sex. They feel threatened and some relationship ended because of phone sex. Is phone sex cheating?

Many women usually think phone sex is cheating, whether it’s with a friend or with a phone sex operator. Women focused more on the emotional and mental aspect of sex. They think it’s more than just a quick sexual release that their man can be emotionally and mentally connected through phone sex. It can become an actual part of cheating and physical cheating will be the end result.

Men in general do not consider phone sex as cheating. Men on the average are more focused on the physical aspects of sex and more likely to be upset by sexual cheating. For them phone sex is just an interactive audio porn and it can’t lead to anything than just dirty talk.

Cheating has to be defined individually within the context of a couple’s relationship. If the couple has an open relationship it won’t be consider cheating. Phone sex might appear to be cheating or infidelity to some people, if they are focused on the emotional and mental aspects of sex. If phone sex leads to physical cheating, it could be considered an act of infidelity. But if the release one gets through phone sex helps them to stay committed to their partner, do you think it is cheating?