Making Porn in Canberra

Making porn in Canberra

Canberra is known to be the Porn Capital of Australia. Yes, the city girded with parliament halls has allowed the making of hardcore porn in its area of authority permissible.

Thanks to ACT’s liberal laws, it’s become the only Australian jurisdiction where filming X-rated movies and even the sale, production, duplication and distribution of pornographic films have been made legal.

The behind-the-scene production line churning out hard-core pornographic videos made big bucks so, the local government made the decision to legalise porn. The government then designated three industrial zones as permitted sites for the industry to ensure it did not offend Canberra’s residents. Fyshwick then became the prime sex spot.

Before the internet took all the fun, Fyshwick was a thriving mail order shopping hub for porn in Australia. Some of the biggest X-rated video companies are also found in Fyshwick which accounts for the ACT’s second biggest export, after timber. Although anyone can download porn off the internet these days,shopfronts still exist to sell hardware. In fact, when you visit Canberra, you’ll find signs warning visitors against the pornography legally available everywhere.

There are a number of male and female escorts and porn stars taking the 3-hour drive, or flying to Canberra, to make movies for some spare cash.

Brandon a male escort from Sydney says he drives to Canberra thrice a month to play the lead actor in porn movies as making porn films in Canberra is legal. According to him, doing porn is not easy. You’re probably awesome in bed when you have sex for yourself, but sex on camera is a totally different scenario. Working on a porn video is harder for men because they have to get it up and keep it up for the entire performance – they have to get hard on command which is not an easy task, especially if you have a crew in the room with you plus a director yelling out instructions on what he wants you to do.

Bianca, an escort and porn star from Sydney confesses to having an insatiable appetite for sex. One of the things she loves to do is watching porn so starring in one is actually a dream come true for her. She does her best to keep every scene real as possible so that viewers can enjoy what they’re seeing. She often flies to Canberra to make porn movies and earn cash.

In other states such as Sydney, people who retail adult content are jailed and arrested, and even though some daring couples have tried to shoot films from their bedrooms in other Aussie cities, the chances of getting caught is still high. The only safe place to really do it is in the ACT where the adult industry flourishes.