Erotic Massage set to be an even Bigger Industry in Sydney

Chris Seage, owner of Brothel Busters, a consulting firm which investigates illegal brothels on behalf of councils and the legal brothel industry through undercover sex has called it quits as closures proved to be too hard.

For almost 10 years, Chris’ team on behalf of councils and the legal brothel industry has conducted surveillance on illegal brothels. In his company’s years of operation, it had more than 60 brothel closure orders issued across 16 council areas.

Since the legalisation of the sex industry in the 90s, the number of illegal brothels operating in NSW has exploded spawning a major headache for local councils and the state government. They are everywhere and what’s bothersome is that most of these establishments present themselves as health and therapeutic massage businesses.

Shutting an illegal brothel down has proven to be a very challenging task for a council. Since the authorities have very limited power to access premises without a court order, they are forced to pay private investigators to go undercover and report back with their evidence. And despite a comprehensive private investigator’s report obtaining proof of sex work, the council still has struggled to shut illegal brothels down.

Councils are basically failing to cope up with this illegal brothel crisis, especially with many of these establishments popping up like mushrooms and operating out of residential apartments. In fact, even when operations of these kinds are detected, it is still extremely difficult for councils to enforce orders against them.

Keeping track of what’s going on in the industry is tough, especially with the number of illegal brothels and private escorts operating under the radar. It looks like the system has long been collapsing because of our ungoverned sex industry.

Mr. Seage probably saw it coming. Unfortunately, his mission of cleaning up the industry and closing illegal establishments down has failed. He has given up as he doesn’t see any possible legal way to shut illegal brothels down at the moment, especially when judges are not convinced of the evidences presented.

With Chris Seage shutting down operations, erotic massage parlours are set to be an even bigger industry in Sydney.