Night Tours of Sydney

Sydney is known for its vibrant nightlife. In fact, after the sun has set and cast its radiance over the Sydney Harbour, the life in the city is just getting started. Attractions at Night Tourists who have a penchant for escorts can have a tour of Sydney brothels and nightlife....
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Asian Hotspots and Karaoke Bars in Sydney

Sydney is full of great Asian hotspots and karaoke bars, where locals and visitors mingle under the spotlight and sing to their heart’s content. Awesome sound systems beat out a booming beat and the disco lights complete the kaleidoscopic picture. There are beautiful girls and...
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Iconic Sydney Venues That Have Closed Since the Lockout Laws

The Lockout Laws in Sydney which prevent customers from entering a venue after 1.30am are killing businesses in the hotel and night club industries. This law was ostensibly brought in to curtail the violence that had resulted in the ‘king hit’ deaths of two young men in Sydney in...
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Can Psychics Help Police With Murder Cases?

There have been reports of psychics helping police with their investigations into cases of murder, and these usually involve an attempt to locate the missing body of the presumed victim; in most instances the psychics have not been successful. There have been a few reports...
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Irish pubs in Sydney

8 Great Irish Pubs in Sydney

Sydney has an eclectic range of pubs and bars, and its Irish pubs are some of the best. Experience the art of the pour as Irish-born MARCUS DERVIN, SharePoint developer, shares his picks for the best Irish pubs in Sydney…   P J O’Brien’s Irish Pub 57 King St...
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beer gardens sydney parramatta nsw australia

Sydney Beer Gardens

There are times when you want to take in every sight and sound dished out before you. The best place to go would be a beer garden. You can find a friend simply by striking a conversation over ice-cold beer. Here are some top choices for you: The Courthouse Hotel The Courthouse...
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sydney bars nightclubs australia bondi cocktails

Sydney Bars

For night owls who have choosy preferences for a good time at night, Sydney has bars to give you just what you need. Here are some of the best bars you can go: Pocket Bar 13 Burton St Sydney NSW 2010 +61 2 9380 7002 Enjoy bar food and street eats serve...
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Newtown Bars Sydney Small Bars Cocktails Wine Bars

Bars in Newtown

Bars In Newtown (and surrounds) The most biased view of places to go drinking in Newtown you’ve probably ever seen. Read ’em and weep!   The Midnight Special 44 Enmore Road The Midnight Special is one of the Inner Wests best small bar...
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