Sydney’s Secret Spots: Hidden Gems for Night Owls

Sydney, known for its vibrant nightlife, has much to offer for those who venture beyond the usual hotspots. From speakeasy bars and late-night eateries to unique experiences that only come alive after dark, Sydney’s hidden gems cater to night owls seeking adventure and novelty. In this guide, we’ll uncover some of the city’s best-kept secrets, perfect for your nocturnal explorations.

1. The Baxter Innbaxter inn sydney bar best

Tucked away in a nondescript alley, The Baxter Inn is a whisky lover’s paradise. This speakeasy bar is renowned for its extensive whisky selection and classic cocktails. The ambiance, reminiscent of a 1920s New York bar, is cosy yet lively, with dim lighting and jazz music setting the tone. The knowledgeable bartenders are always ready to recommend a whisky to suit your taste, making it an ideal spot for a sophisticated night out.

2. Hubert

Restaurant Hubert transports you back to mid-century Paris with its vintage decor, red velvet booths, and candle-lit tables. This French bistro stays open late, offering exquisite dishes like duck parfait, steak frites, and escargots. The live jazz performances add to the romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, making it a perfect late-night dining destination.

3. Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice

For a more casual and eclectic vibe, head to Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice. This rock ‘n’ roll-themed bar offers delicious pizza, a great selection of craft beers, and live music that rocks the night away. The retro arcade games and quirky decor add to its charm, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

4. The Soda Factory

Disguised as an old-school American diner, The Soda Factory is one of Sydney’s most playful nightlife spots. Enter through a vintage Coca-Cola fridge door and discover a lively venue offering gourmet hot dogs, delicious cocktails, and nightly entertainment ranging from live bands to movie screenings. Their themed nights, such as ‘Doo Wop Diner’ and ‘Fried Chicken and Champagne,’ keep the energy high and the fun ongoing.

5. Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place is a small, intimate cocktail bar that has earned a stellar reputation for its ever-changing menu of creative concoctions. The bartenders here are artists, using fresh, seasonal ingredients to craft unique drinks that delight the senses. The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a quiet, late-night drink.

6. Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern

For those who appreciate a bit of cheekiness with their night out, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern is a must-visit. This basement bar is known for its unpretentious vibe, friendly staff, and extensive selection of rums and classic cocktails. The tavern’s playful spirit and lively crowd ensure a good time, whether you’re out with friends or making new ones.

7. Mary’s

Mary’s in Newtown is a burger joint by day and a rock ‘n’ roll bar by night. Famous for its juicy burgers and loud, grungy atmosphere, Mary’s also offers a great selection of beers and cocktails. The dark, graffiti-covered interior and pulsating music make it a perfect spot for those who want to enjoy good food and a vibrant, late-night scene.

8. Golden Age Cinema & Bar

For a unique night out, visit the Golden Age Cinema & Bar, located in the heritage-listed Par

Provided by

amount House in Surry Hills. This boutique cinema screens a mix of classic, cult, and contemporary films in a charming, retro setting. The adjoining bar offers a curated selection of cocktails, wines, and snacks, making it an excellent venue for a movie date or a cultural outing with friends.

9. Since I Left You

Since I Left You (SILY) is a hidden courtyard bar that exudes charm and character. Nestled within heritage-listed buildings, SILY offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere with fairy lights, exposed brick walls, and a relaxed vibe. Their menu features a range of craft cocktails, boutique wines, and delicious snacks, making it a delightful spot for a laid-back evening.

10. Bar Luca

Bar Luca is a burger and cocktail bar that has gained a cult following for its inventive and delicious burger creations. Located in the heart of the city, Bar Luca is a great place to indulge in comfort food and creative drinks. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly service make it a popular choice for a fun and casual night out.


Sydney’s nightlife is a treasure trove of hidden gems, each offering a unique experience for night owls. Whether you’re in the mood for sophisticated whisky tasting, casual pizza and beer, or a night of live music and dancing, Sydney’s secret spots have something to satisfy every craving. So, next time you find yourself looking for a late-night adventure, explore these lesser-known venues and discover the magic that awaits after dark in this dynamic city.

Live Music and Libations: Sydney’s Top Venues for Nightly Entertainment

Sydney, Australia, is a city that thrives on vibrant nightlife, offering a dazzling array of venues where live music and excellent libations go hand in hand. Whether you’re a fan of intimate jazz clubs, electrifying rock gigs, or trendy rooftop bars with stunning views, Sydney has something to cater to every musical taste and preference.

Here, we explore some of the top venues that make Sydney a hotspot for nightly entertainment.

1. The Enmore Theatre

Location: 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown

No photo description available.The Enmore Theatre is a cornerstone of Sydney’s live music scene. Located in the eclectic suburb of Newtown, this historic venue has been hosting performances since 1908. Renowned for its outstanding acoustics and grand architecture, the Enmore Theatre offers an unparalleled experience for concert-goers. It regularly features a diverse lineup of both international and local acts, spanning genres from rock and pop to comedy and theatre.

After enjoying a show at the Enmore, visitors can explore Newton’s vibrant array of bars and eateries. Venues like The Midnight Special and Young Henrys are perfect spots to continue the night with craft beers and creative cocktails.

2. The Basement

Location: 7 Macquarie Pl, Circular Quay

No photo description available.The Basement, located near Circular Quay, is an iconic jazz and blues venue that has been a staple of Sydney’s nightlife since the early 1970s. Known for its intimate setting and soulful ambiance, The Basement has hosted legendary artists like Prince, Herbie Hancock, and Dizzy Gillespie.

Patrons can enjoy an extensive menu of fine wines, craft beers, and gourmet food while soaking in the music. The Basement’s warm, inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal spot for a laid-back evening with friends or a romantic night out.

3. Oxford Art Factory

Location: 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

Provided by those seeking a more contemporary and edgy vibe, the Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst is the place to be. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York, this venue is a hub for emerging artists and innovative performances. It features two main spaces: the Live Art Space, which hosts live bands and DJs, and the Gallery Bar, which showcases art exhibitions and installations.

The Oxford Art Factory is known for its eclectic programming, which includes everything from indie rock and electronic music to experimental art. After a night of energetic performances, visitors can head to nearby bars like The Beauchamp Hotel or Shady Pines Saloon for more drinks and socialising.

4. The Lansdowne Hotel

Location: 2-6 City Rd, Chippendale

Provided by concreteplayground.comThe Lansdowne Hotel in Chippendale is a beloved institution in Sydney’s live music scene. After a period of closure and redevelopment, it has re-emerged as a premier venue for live performances. The Lansdowne boasts a robust lineup of local and international acts, spanning genres such as punk, indie, and rock.

In addition to its dynamic music offerings, the Lansdowne is known for its rooftop bar, which provides a great spot to unwind with a drink while enjoying views of the city. The menu features a range of craft beers, cocktails, and delicious pub fare, making it a one-stop destination for a fun night out.

5. Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice

Location: 50 Hunter St, Sydney CBD

Sydney’s Iconic Late-Night Bar, Frankie’s Pizza, Will Close Permanently In DecemberFrankie’s Pizza by the Slice offers a unique blend of live music, vintage arcade games, and delicious pizza. Located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, Frankie’s is a quirky and energetic venue that attracts a diverse crowd. The interior, with its retro decor and neon lights, creates a lively atmosphere perfect for a night of fun and entertainment.

Frankie’s regularly hosts live bands, covering genres from rock and metal to punk and ska. Their extensive drink menu includes craft beers, classic cocktails, and an impressive selection of whiskies. Whether you’re there for the music, the pizza, or both, Frankie’s promises an unforgettable night out.

6. The Vanguard

Location: 42 King St, Newtown

48891702_1943841065924871_8141246050145927168_n.jpgAnother gem in Newtown, The Vanguard, offers an intimate and sophisticated setting for live music. This venue is particularly known for its cabaret-style seating and top-notch acoustics. The Vanguard features a diverse range of performances, including jazz, blues, folk, and even burlesque shows.

Patrons can enjoy a delicious dinner while watching the show, with a menu that includes a variety of contemporary Australian dishes and an extensive wine list. The Vanguard’s unique ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a special night out, combining great music, food, and drinks.

7. The Factory Theatre

Location: 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

Provided by concreteplayground.comThe Factory Theatre in Marrickville is a dynamic venue that hosts a wide array of live performances, including music, comedy, and theatre. It features multiple performance spaces, each with its own unique vibe. From the intimate Fusebox to the spacious Factory Floor, there’s a space for every type of event.

The Factory Theatre is particularly known for supporting independent and emerging artists, making it a great place to discover new talent. After a show, visitors can explore Marrickville’s thriving brewery scene, with popular spots like Batch Brewing Co. and Sauce Brewing Co. offering excellent craft beers.

8. Soda Factory

Location: 16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills

Provided by timeout.comSoda Factory in Surry Hills is a hidden gem known for its retro American diner vibe and lively atmosphere. Enter through the vintage Coca-Cola machine and you’ll find yourself in a stylish bar with a fun, nostalgic feel. Soda Factory regularly hosts themed nights, including live music, DJ sets, and movie screenings.

The drink menu features creative cocktails, boozy milkshakes, and a solid selection of beers and wines. Soda Factory is also famous for its American-style comfort food, including hot dogs, burgers, and fried chicken. It’s the perfect place for a night of music, dancing, and indulgent eats.

9. The Camelot Lounge

Location: 19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville

Provided by Camelot Lounge is a quirky and cosy venue in Marrickville, known for its eclectic decor and diverse programming. The lounge features an array of performances, from world music and jazz to comedy and cabaret. The intimate setting and friendly atmosphere make it a favourite among locals.

Visitors can enjoy a range of beverages, including craft beers, wines, and cocktails, along with a menu of Middle Eastern-inspired dishes. The Camelot Lounge is ideal for those seeking a unique and relaxed night out with a touch of cultural flair.

10. The Metro Theatre

Location: 624 George St, Sydney CBD

Provided by TripadvisorThe Metro Theatre, located on George Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, is one of the city’s most iconic live music venues. Since opening its doors in 1996, The Metro has hosted an impressive lineup of artists, including Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and The White Stripes. Its reputation for great sound and an intimate atmosphere makes it a favourite among music fans.

The Metro Theatre features a well-stocked bar offering a variety of drinks, ensuring that patrons can enjoy a refreshing beverage while watching their favourite bands. Its central location also means that there are plenty of nearby options for post-show drinks and dining, making it easy to extend the night.

Sydney’s nightlife is a vibrant tapestry of live music and exceptional libations, with venues that cater to all tastes and preferences. From historic theatres and jazz clubs to edgy art spaces and quirky bars, the city’s entertainment options are as diverse as its cultural landscape. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these top venues will undoubtedly enhance your experience of Sydney’s dynamic and ever-evolving nightlife scene. So, gather your friends, pick a spot, and immerse yourself in the magic of live music and libations in this spectacular city.

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Sydney By Night: Discovering the Enchanting Harbour Walks

Experience the enchanting allure of Sydney by night as the city transforms into a mesmerising spectacle of lights along its iconic harbour. Take a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that Sydney has to offer. Discover illuminated landmarks, bars, cafes and restaurants that have shimmering waters reflecting the city’s charm, and a serene ambiance that envelops the surroundings. Join us on a captivating journey as we unveil the magic of Sydney by night through its enchanting harbour walks.

The Sydney Opera House: A Beacon of Elegance

No night walk along Sydney Harbour is complete without a visit to the crown jewel of the city, the Sydney Opera House. Illuminated against the darkened sky, its distinctive sails cast a captivating glow, creating a scene straight out of a postcard. Take a leisurely stroll around this architectural masterpiece, marvelling at its intricate design from every angle. As you traverse the promenade, the soft hum of the waves against the shore provides a soothing soundtrack, enhancing the enchantment of the moment.

Sydney By NightThe Harbour Bridge: Bridging the Past and Present

Adjacent to the Opera House stands another Sydney icon, the Harbour Bridge. Lit up in a dazzling display of lights, the bridge offers a picturesque backdrop for your night walk. Embark on a journey across its majestic span, where the city lights twinkle in the distance, and the cool night air invigorates your senses. Pause midway to soak in panoramic views of the harbour, with ferries gliding beneath you and the skyline aglow in the distance. The Harbour Bridge isn’t just a bridge; it’s a testament to Sydney’s spirit and resilience, bridging the past with the present in a harmonious dance of light and shadow.

Circular Quay: Where History Meets Modernity

Continue your nocturnal exploration to Circular Quay, a bustling precinct where history meets modernity. Here, historic sandstone buildings stand in contrast to sleek skyscrapers, creating a dynamic backdrop for your evening stroll. As you wander along the waterfront promenade, street performers entertain passersby, adding a touch of liveliness to the scene. Catch a glimpse of the ferries as they dock at the wharves, their lights reflecting off the rippling water, creating an enchanting tableau. Circular Quay isn’t just a transport hub; it’s a vibrant hub of activity, pulsating with the energy of the city even after the sun sets.

The Royal Botanic Garden: Nature’s Nighttime Oasis

For a tranquil interlude amidst the urban hustle and bustle, venture into the Royal Botanic Garden, where nature reigns supreme. By night, the garden takes on an ethereal charm, with winding paths illuminated by soft, ambient lighting. Meander through lush greenery and fragrant blooms, as nocturnal creatures serenade you with their symphony. Find a secluded bench overlooking the harbour and unwind as you soak in the serenity of the surroundings. The Royal Botanic Garden offers a peaceful sanctuary away from the city’s hustle, inviting you to reconnect with nature under the starlit sky.

Free Sydney Opera House - I Stock PhotoDarling Harbour: Lights, Action, Entertainment

Conclude your night walk with a visit to Darling Harbour, Sydney’s premier entertainment precinct. Here, a kaleidoscope of lights and attractions awaits, promising an unforgettable finale to your evening adventure. From waterfront restaurants to lively bars, there’s no shortage of options to wine, dine, and unwind. Marvel at the illuminated ferris wheel as it spins gracefully against the night sky, or catch a dazzling fireworks display lighting up the harbour in a riot of color. Darling Harbour is where the city comes alive at night, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and spectacle to cap off your Sydney experience.

Discover the enchanting allure of Sydney Harbour by night, as its iconic landmarks illuminate across social media platforms with its mesmerising symphony. From the graceful silhouette of the Opera House to the sparkling brilliance of Darling Harbour, every step unveils a new facet of the city’s nocturnal charm. Lace up your walking shoes, immerse yourself in the magic of the night, and embark on a journey to explore the soul of Sydney. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, these harbour walks promise to create lasting memories that will linger long after the night gives way to dawn.

Eight Great Late Night Places in Sydney

Sydney, the vibrant capital city of Australia, is renowned for its bustling nightlife and diverse culinary scene. Whether you’re a night owl or simply looking for a place to unwind after a long day, Sydney has plenty of late-night options to satisfy your cravings. In this article, we will delve into eight exceptional late-night places in Sydney that offer a mix of delectable food, lively atmosphere, and unique experiences.

  1. The Baxter Inn

Nestled in the heart of the city, The Baxter Inn is a hidden gem for whiskey enthusiasts. This underground bar boasts an extensive collection of over 800 whiskeys from around the world. The dimly lit space, cosy atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff make it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a glass of your favourite whiskey late into the night. Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or a curious novice, The Baxter Inn promises an unforgettable experience.

The Baxter Inn | Bars in Sydney, Sydney

  1. Frankie’s Pizza

If you’re in the mood for live music and mouthwatering pizza, Frankie’s Pizza is the place to be. A popular late-night spot in Sydney. It is known for its lively atmosphere, delicious pizza, and live music. With its retro decor and rock ‘n’ roll vibes, Frankie’s Pizza is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking for a place to grab a slice of pizza, enjoy a cold beer, or listen to some great live music, Frankie’s Pizza is definitely worth checking out.

Frankie's Pizza, Sydney - The City Lane

  1. Mr. Wong

For those craving Asian cuisine, Mr. Wong is a must-visit late-night spot. This upscale Chinese restaurant is renowned for its modern take on traditional dishes. From delectable dim sum to succulent Peking duck, the menu offers a wide range of options to satisfy your taste buds. The elegant interior and attentive service create a sophisticated dining experience that is perfect for a late-night meal. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, Mr. Wong delivers on all fronts.

  1. The Soda Factory

Step into the world of retro nostalgia at The Soda Factory. This quirky late-night venue combines a vintage soda bar with a live music venue. Enjoy classic American comfort food like burgers, hot dogs, and loaded fries while sipping on creative cocktails and milkshakes. With live bands and DJs playing throughout the night, The Soda Factory guarantees a fun-filled evening. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and dance the night away at this one-of-a-kind establishment.

The Soda Factory, Surry Hills Review | Concrete Playground Sydney

  1. The Grounds of Alexandria

If you’re searching for a late-night dining experience with a touch of magic, The Grounds of Alexandria is the place to go. This enchanting venue features a sprawling garden, fairy lights, and rustic decor. The menu offers a variety of dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for brunch, dinner, or a late-night snack, The Grounds has something to cater to every palate. Lose yourself in the whimsical ambiance and indulge in a culinary journey like no other.

The Grounds of Alexandria

  1. The Midnight Special

For a laid-back late-night experience, head to The Midnight Special. This cosy bar in Newtown is known for its extensive selection of craft beers and spirits. The jukebox playing a mix of rock, blues, and soul adds to the relaxed atmosphere. Grab a seat at the bar or find a cosy corner and enjoy a drink or two until the early hours of the morning. The friendly staff and warm ambiance make The Midnight Special a go-to spot for those seeking a low-key night out.

The Midnight Special | Bars in Newtown, Sydney

  1. Golden Century

When it comes to late-night Chinese cuisine, Golden Century is an institution in Sydney. Located in Chinatown, this bustling restaurant is open until the early hours of the morning, making it a popular spot for late-night feasts. From fresh seafood to traditional Cantonese dishes, the menu offers a wide range of options to satisfy your cravings. The lively atmosphere and bustling energy of Golden Century make it an ideal destination for a late-night culinary adventure.

Sydney news: Haymarket restaurant added to list of COVID-19 hotspots ...

  1. The Beresford Hotel

For a late-night venue that offers a bit of everything, The Beresford Hotel is a top choice. This iconic pub in Surry Hills features multiple bars, a beer garden, and a rooftop terrace. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual drink, a delicious meal, or a night of dancing, The Beresford has it all. With its lively atmosphere and diverse offerings, it’s the perfect place to end your night in Sydney. Gather your friends, soak in the vibrant ambiance, and create lasting memories at this beloved establishment.

Provided by

In conclusion, Sydney offers a plethora of late-night options for food and entertainment enthusiasts. From hidden whiskey bars to lively pubs and upscale restaurants, there is something to suit every taste. Whether you’re craving a late-night snack, a refreshing cocktail, or a night of live music, these eight great late-night places in Sydney are sure to satisfy your desires. So, embrace the city’s vibrant nightlife and explore these fantastic venues for an unforgettable late-night experience.

Gay Friendly Dentists: Sydney is the LGBTIQA+ Place for You

Sydney is a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive city that embraces the LGBTIQA+ community with open arms. It’s also the ultimate destination for finding gay-friendly dentists who provide top-notch dental care while ensuring a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

A Beacon of Diversity

As the largest and most populous city in Australia, Sydney has long been celebrated for its cultural diversity and progressive attitude. It stands as a shining example of a city that welcomes people from all walks of life with open hearts. Sydney’s commitment to diversity is not just a slogan; it’s a way of life.

Inclusive Dental Care

In Sydney, the dental care scene mirrors the city’s inclusive spirit. Gay-friendly dentists in Sydney are not just healthcare providers; they are allies in patients’  journeys to maintain excellent oral health. It’s so accepted to be LGBTIQA+ that community members are confident they can expect a warm welcome right in the heart of the CBD at the most prestigious dental clinics in town. Here’s why Sydney’s dental community shines in this regard:

1. Non-Discrimination Policies

Sydney’s dental clinics uphold strong non-discrimination policies. They believe that every individual deserves the same level of care and respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. When you walk into a dentist’s office in Sydney, you can rest assured that you will be treated with dignity and respect.

2. Comprehensive Services

Sydney’s dental professionals offer a wide range of services to cater to your unique dental needs. Whether you need a routine check-up, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or oral surgery, you’ll find experts who are well-versed in their fields.

3. LGBTQIA+ Sensitivity Training

Many dental professionals in Sydney undergo LGBTQIA+ sensitivity training to better understand and serve the unique needs of their patients. This training ensures that you receive care that is not only top-quality but also sensitive to your specific concerns and preferences.

4. Safe Spaces

The dental clinics in Sydney often create safe and welcoming environments. The waiting areas are designed to be comfortable and inclusive, helping patients feel at ease from the moment they arrive.

5. Community Involvement

Sydney’s gay-friendly dentists are not just healthcare providers; they are active members of the LGBTIQA+ community. They often participate in community events, offer support, and engage in advocacy to promote dental health and overall well-being within the community.

Literally everything within the gay consciousness is cool – for example gay parenthood is acceptable in Sydney and you will see many LGBTIQA+ parents happily dropping their kids off at school just like regular parents, and probably flashing their wedding rings while they’re at it. The pink dollar is strong in this city.

Now that you know why Sydney is a fantastic destination for gay-friendly dental care, you might be wondering how the local populations find the perfect dentist for their needs. Here are some tips:

1. Online Reviews

Check online reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of other patients. This can provide valuable insights into a dentist’s reputation and the quality of care they offer.

2. Ask for Recommendations

Sydney people don’t hesitate to ask friends or members of the LGBTIQA+ community for recommendations. Personal referrals can be a reliable way to find a dentist who aligns with a Sydneysider’s values and needs.

3. Consultation

Sydney residents have no qualms when it comes to scheduling a consultation with a prospective dentist. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, and assess whether they feel comfortable with their dentist’s approach to care.

As a LGBTIQA+ Dentist, Is Sydney The Place To Move To?

In conclusion, Sydney stands out as a shining example of a city that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. When it comes to dental care, Sydney’s gay-friendly dentists go above and beyond to provide top-quality services in a safe, welcoming environment. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, you can trust your dental health is in good hands in this vibrant city.

So, why wait? Take the step towards excellent dental care and inclusivity by joining Sydney’s gay-friendly dentists. Your dental career deserves the best outcome, and Sydney is the place to find it.

TMJ Disorder: Diagnosis And Treatment

Do you often experience pain or discomfort in your jaw, difficulty chewing, or even a clicking sound when opening and closing your mouth? If yes, you might be suffering from TMJ disorder. This condition affects millions of people worldwide and can lead to severe pain if left untreated. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of TMJ disorder as well as explore various treatment options available for those who suffer from it. So let’s get started!  first step in diagnosing TMJ disorder

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition that affects the jaw and can cause pain and discomfort in the area. The temporomandibular joint connects your lower jaw to your skull, enabling you to move your mouth when speaking or eating.

The condition itself is caused by numerous factors such as injury or trauma to the jaw, stress and anxiety that causes clenching and grinding of teeth, arthritis that affects the cartilage in the joint or misalignment of teeth.

People who have TMJ disorder often experience symptoms such as pain or tenderness around their jawbone, difficulty opening their mouth wide enough for activities like yawning or chewing food properly. Other symptoms include popping and clicking sounds when moving the jaw back-and-forth.

TMJ disorder can affect anyone at any age but it’s most commonly found in women aged between 20-40 years old. If left untreated this condition can lead to more severe complications such a chronic migraines so it’s important to seek medical attention if you suspect you may be suffering from TMJ Disorder.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is a painful condition that affects the jaw joint and muscles responsible for moving the jaw. The symptoms of this disorder may vary from one person to another, but some common ones include pain or discomfort in the face, neck, shoulders or ears.

One of the most common symptoms of TMJ disorder is difficulty chewing or biting food. Some people may also experience clicking, popping or grating sounds when they open their mouth widely. This can be accompanied by a feeling that the jaw is locking up.

Another symptom of TMJ disorder could be headaches and migraines. These types of headaches usually occur at the temples or behind the eyes and are often confused with tension headaches.

Some people with TMJ disorder may also suffer from toothaches that have no apparent cause as well as earaches due to pressure on the structures around your ears.

These symptoms can affect your quality of life extensively if left untreated. Therefore it’s important to seek medical attention if you suspect you might be experiencing any signs of TMJ Disorder

Causes of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder, also known as temporomandibular joint disorder, is a condition that affects the jaw joint and muscles responsible for chewing. This condition can be caused by various factors, including injury to the jaw or surrounding areas such as the neck or head.

Another cause of TMJ disorder is arthritis. Arthritis in the jaw joint can lead to inflammation and stiffness, resulting in pain when opening or closing the mouth. Stress and teeth grinding are also common causes of TMJ disorder since they put excess pressure on the jaw muscles.

In some cases, a misaligned bite may be responsible for TMJ Disorder. When your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together properly, it puts strain on your jaw muscles which can lead to pain over time.

Genetics could play a role in developing this condition if there’s an inherited weakness in your connective tissues that hold your joints together.

It’s important to understand what causes TMJ disorder so you can take preventive measures against them. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of this condition, consulting with your dentist will help identify its root cause for proper treatment.

Diagnosis of TMJ Disorder

Diagnosing TMJ disorder can be a complicated process, as it often involves ruling out other potential causes of the symptoms. The first step in diagnosing TMJ disorder is usually a physical exam conducted by your dentist or doctor. During this exam, they will check your jaw for pain, tenderness, and limited range of motion.

They may also ask you to open and close your mouth several times while listening for any clicking or popping sounds that could indicate joint dysfunction. In some cases, imaging tests like X-rays or an MRI may be ordered to get a clearer picture of the joint’s structure and function.

It’s important to note that not everyone with TMJ disorder will require diagnostic testing. If your symptoms are mild and don’t interfere with daily activities, your healthcare provider may recommend conservative treatment options without further testing.

However, if your symptoms are severe or have been present for an extended period of time, diagnostic testing can help identify the underlying cause of your condition and guide appropriate treatment strategies. practicing stress-reduction techniques such as yoga or meditation

Treatments of TMJ Disorder

Treatment of TMJ Disorder can be divided into two categories: non-invasive and invasive. Non-invasive treatments include lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and medications. These options are usually recommended for mild cases or as a first-line treatment approach.

Lifestyle changes may involve avoiding hard or chewy foods, using heat or cold packs to reduce pain and swelling, practicing stress-reduction techniques such as yoga or meditation, and maintaining good posture. Physical therapy involves exercises to strengthen the jaw muscles and improve range of motion.

Medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or muscle relaxants may also help relieve symptoms in some patients. In more severe cases where conservative measures fail to provide relief, invasive interventions such as surgery may be necessary.

Surgical options for TMJ Disorder include arthrocentesis (washing out the joint), arthroscopy (inserting a small camera into the joint), open-joint surgery (repairing or replacing damaged tissue), and nerve ablation (deactivating painful nerves). The choice of treatment depends on factors such as severity of symptoms, age of patient, underlying cause etc.

It is important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider before pursuing any course of treatment for TMJ Disorder.


TMJ disorder can be an incredibly painful and frustrating condition to deal with, causing discomfort in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. However, there are various diagnosis and treatment options available to help manage the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

If you suspect that you may have TMJ disorder, it’s important to seek medical attention from a qualified healthcare professional who can provide an accurate diagnosis. From there, they can recommend a personalized treatment plan that works best for your individual needs.

Whether it’s through physical therapy exercises or lifestyle changes like stress management techniques, taking care of your jaw joint is crucial for reducing pain and improving overall quality of life.

By understanding the causes and symptoms of TMJ disorder and seeking proper diagnosis and treatment, you can take control of this condition instead of letting it control you. Remember to prioritize self-care practices as well as regular check-ups with your healthcare provider to ensure optimal oral health.

Late Night Jobs in Sydney: An Abundance of Work Available

Sydney’s night economy is in full swing with shift work available in pubs, clubs, factories, supermarkets, adult entertainment venues, petrol stations, 7/11 shops and beyond. But are there many other jobs that you might not instantly think of?

The answer is yes! Night work is in abundance.

How about a job doing laser treatments – yes they often work until 9pm or even later – check out this example (posted 18 May 2023):

Future´ Laser & Body Clinic was established just over a year ago and in that time has grown exceptionally well in regards to clientele and the results of the ongoing treatments on offer.

We are expanding our team and on the look for 2x qualified Full Time & Part Time Senior Skin & Laser Therapist whom is passionate and energetic with advanced knowledge in everything Skin, HIFU, Laser in use of a Candela Machine as well as a full understanding in cosmedics.
To join our award winning team, you MUST love skin treatments (so LOVE what you do) and have excellent customer service with a can do attitude.
About Our Role
As a Senior Skin and Laser Therapist, your duties will include but not limited to:
•Laser hair removal using candela max pro
•Skin treatments including Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels
•Laser consultations
•Product retailing to accompany all treatments
Skills & Qualifications
- Diploma in Beauty Therapy
- 1+ Years Experience
- Advanced Knowledge in Candela Laser Machine
- Must Be fluent in English
- Driven Committed and Passionate
- Adapting to change within the Beauty Industry
- Has Australian working rights
- Bonus of Administration experience with the use of timely otherwise training will be provided
•MUST be able to be flexible in working late nights as our clinic is open Monday Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday till 9PM and Friday 7PM (Full Time/Part Time worker will rotate)
Monday: 9AM – 9PM
Tuesday: 9AM – 9PM
Wednesday: 9AM – 9PM
Thursday: 9AM – 9PM
Friday: 9AM – 7PM
Saturday: 9AM – 6PM
Sunday 9AM – 6PM
Job Types: Part-time, Casual, Permanent
Salary: $56,456.00 per year
•Employee discount
•Employee mentoring program
•8 hour shift
Supplemental pay types:
•Performance bonus
•LASER: 1 year (Preferred)
Late night emergency dentists are another surprise late night employment activity in Sydney. Indeed Sydney’s health sector is a big employer in the late night and after-midnight jobs sector.

Then there’s tattoo artistry.

And then for the entrepreneurially-minded, there are all sorts of opportunities for people who want to use their evenings to create not just cash revenue in the short term, but passive income to help then create wealth or enhance the future of their family and children.

Here’s an example of such a thing from David E Berriman:

Alright guys hear me out on this one…

Only fans hasn’t exactly worked out for me… 🤷🏻‍♂️

And with my first kid on the way, I’ve made the commitment that my kids will never have to experience the lack that I did as a kid!! (Or man for that matter 😂😅)

That cycle ends with me.

I have self selected to be the one that ends that cycle for my bloodline‼️

With this in mind fellas….

Who wants to join me in getting super wealthy & creating absolute freedom?

I’ve got a project that I’ve been working on to build legacy income that I can pass on to my kids

Who’s with me? 😅😜👇🏻

As for the Sydney restaurant scene, we can see how this restaurant owner, Chris Lucas, is struggling to find more than 200 staff in his Sydney and Melbourne restaurants.
Are there other late night Sydney jobs we should include? Let us know …

The Rover Bar and Restaurant

The Rover is a bar and restaurant (formerly The Wild Rover) located in the belly of Surry Hills, Sydney and has returned with the charm of the old and one of Sydney’s best “if you know, you know” whisky bars.

The dining area has been expanded allowing diners to enjoy dinner and drinks that include a choice of over 60 wines list packed with organic and bio-dynamic drops, cocktails and of course a good selection of whiskeys. Sit up at Rover’s dimly-lit copper bar and order a cocktail and a plate of freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters or take a seat for dinner and settle in for a few hours of good food and drinks.

Restaurant (Upstairs)

The Seafood Bistro upstairs boasts a cold seafood display with oysters shucked to order, a daily rotation of crustaceans and more. Diners in search of a heartier meal can opt for Grouper with Pil Pil and sauce Vierge or whole flathead served with garlic and clams.

Bar (Ground Floor)

As you approach the green front door of The Rover, a muted echo of boisterous banter spill out onto the street. Drop in for seasonal cocktails, biodynamic wine, freshly shucked oysters and warm service.

Their bar and restaurant serving seasonal cocktails, quaffable wine and a seafood-driven food menu featuring a selection of freshly shucked oysters.


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Cocktails are by award-winning bartender Alex Gondzioulis. Classics are well-executed, and the signatures – such as the Mary Celeste, with gin, sherry, dill, watermelon and olive oil – are a lot of fun. Gondzioulis is the former bar manager of the dearly departed Bulletin Place, and it’s nice to see that legend’s legacy living on.


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The Rover is the best bar for a casual tipple or for a night out with drinks, dinner combined with great atmosphere. Fans will notice the new welcoming entrance, with clear front windows (that were once blacked out) offering a ray of sunshine into the new space and aligning with sister venues Bistecca and The Gidley.

In keeping with The Wild Rover’s jovial welcoming reputation, The Rover won’t be taking reservations upon opening and now has extended hours opening from 4 pm Tuesday to Thursday and offering lunch from 12 pm Friday & Saturday.

More details on the new venue can be found via the link below.

75 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia
Phone: (02) 9000 7544

Opening hours:

Sunday            –   Closed
Monday           –   Closed
Tuesday           –   4:00pm – 12:00am
Wednesday   –   4:00pm – 12:00am
Thursday         –   4:00pm – 12:00am
Friday                –   12:00pm – 12:00am
Saturday          –   12:00pm – 12:00am

4 Cool Small Bars To Visit in 2023

Looking for some cool, trendy and small bars to visit this side of the country? Head to these 4 character-filled watering holes that are scattered throughout Sydney’s bar scene and enjoy what Sydney by night has to offer.

Love, Tilly Devine

Opened by Matt Swieboda and Nathanial Hatwell more than 10 years ago, this small pub that is hidden away in Darlinghurst Lane quickly became the voice of Australia’s burgeoning natural wine scene, showcasing the country’s young, up-and-coming producers. It has stayed true to that vision until today. Like other small bars, it has a cosy, laid-back ambience, but it also has a touch of refinement that’s why intoxication is discouraged. If you speak wine and want to impress your girl, this is the place to go since they offer more than 300 varieties!!

Address: 91 Crown Lane, Darlinghurst

Cantina OK!

This list wouldn’t be convincing if we don’t include the smallest bar in the city. This self-described Micro Mezcal Mecca is so small, it is just the sized of a car space! But don’t be deceived by the size, its shelves are stocked with hand-sourced, hand-imported, handmade agave spirits. Its world-famous margaritas and cocktails are served with hand-shaved ice and hand-pressed limes. Definitely, A-OK! Head on over and try their variety of special cocktails!

Address: Council Place, Sydney

fortunate son bar enmore newtown sydney inner west bars pubs

Fortunate Son

This tiny bar, across from the buzz of the Enmore Theatre, blends a throwback Americana vibe with some of Sydney’s best-balanced beverages. Choose from tried-and-true classics like mint juleps to sophisticated cocktail variations. One of our favourite tiny bars in Sydney, with cold drinks, friendly service, and close proximity to some of King Street’s finest eateries.

Address: 105 Enmore Road, Newtown

The Cumberland

Hidden behind a fridge door in the laneways of Manly, The Cumberland is an underground speakeasy with a Spanish twist. Named after the Parish of Manly Cove in the County of Cumberland, the name is a nod to the history of the area on which the venue stands. This 75-seater venue serves a selection of over 250 whiskies, natural wine, craft beer and an extensive themed cocktail menu including prohibition classics, tipples inspired by original counties from Sydney and surrounds as well as a section dedicated to ingredients that have been locally foraged and found.

Adress: 17-19 Central Avenue, Manly


Enmore Road Entertainment Precinct Special Sydney Inner West Night-Time Zone

Sydney by night news just released in the Sydney Morning Herald …

Inner West Council will push ahead with plans to make Enmore Road a permanent night-time entertainment precinct, with special rules around live music and noise complaints, despite the objections of immediate neighbours.

For the past six months, venues on the road have been allowed to trade 30 minutes later if they program live music or performance, and footpath dining is permitted until 11pm. There are also relaxed rules about noise, and residents are expected to make concessions instead of complaints.

Feedback from the trial, which began in September, found 91 per cent of surveyed visitors wanted the special entertainment zone to become permanent. Residents’ views, however, were mixed.

A quarter of those living immediately adjacent to Enmore Road supported the late night precinct, but among those living a block or more away, it rose to three-quarters.

For residents who complained about the precinct, their common gripes were its impact on street parking, noise and so-called “anti-social behaviour”. One neighbour attached 10 photographs of people congregating in the laneways near the Enmore Theatre and lamented they seemed to have been “given license to do whatever they please”.

Enmore Road is widely praised as one of Sydney’s livelier night-time precincts, and it has enjoyed a strong post-pandemic recovery, buttressed by the Enmore Theatre and surrounding pubs, bars and restaurants. It offers a variety of experiences and a mix of price points.

But the extent to which the modest changes involved in the special entertainment precinct have been used, and have contributed to the area’s vibrancy, is difficult to assess.

Only eight businesses responded to the council’s survey and, of those, just one said it had used the extra 30 minutes’ trading time and one said it programmed live music for the first time.

However, other venues that are taking advantage of the relaxed rules did not participate in the survey.

enmore newtown inner west sydney pubs bars hotels duke of edinborough

James Thorpe, whose Odd Culture Group owns The Duke of Enmore hotel, told the Herald that trade had increased dramatically since the pilot started.

“Anecdotally, it has been really successful,” he said. “We’ve definitely put on more live music since it was announced, we are definitely trading half an hour later. I know there are four or five other venues that are also taking advantage of it.”

Following unanimous agreement at Tuesday’s meeting, the council will lodge a planning proposal with the state government to make the entertainment precinct permanent. In an unusually frank summary, it warned that Enmore – like other inner-city suburbs – was under threat from gentrification.

“The live music and entertainment offerings that attracted people to the area often start to be considered a nuisance when residents’ circumstances change resulting in noise complaints against venues,” the council said in its proposal.

In a concession to residents, councillors agreed to expedite a parking review from 2026 to this year, and implement a “good neighbour” management strategy.

Mayor Darcy Byrne said: “We know that there’s big public support for what we’re trying to achieve, but we want to make sure that’s maintained and that the success of the precinct’s not undermined by neglecting issues that could be dealt with now.”

The survey collected 215 comments from visitors, most of which were supportive of the precinct.

“Sydney desperately needs more urban life – and more culture and vibrancy,” one person wrote. “Having spent time in European cities, Sydney is embarresingly [sic] short of exciting interesting arty and cultural things to do at night. We need more small, quirky places doing interesting things.”

Residents were less enthused, with one complaining that Enmore Road was being “targeted” for night-time activities instead of King Street in Newtown.

“The noise has increased,” someone else wrote. “Graffiti has exploded around the area. I am tired of cleaning it off my walls. Rubbish has increased. More hoodlums latee [sic] at night and drunk.”

Labor has said it wants the special entertainment precincts to be used more widely if it wins the state election. Enmore Road is the only pilot to have taken place so far.

Sydney Ghost Tours

Do you believe that every history trip is the same?

Reconsider your position. Some tour guides have a tremendous gift for storytelling, transporting you back in time through their persuasive arguments. From mass graves in mental hospitals to the eerie passageways of former convict jails, Sydney is full of locations that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Prepare to be so terrified that your ribs will tremble, your sweat will drip down your pulsing temples, and your eyes will dart around in anticipation. These Sydney ghost tours will give you the shivers and terrify you from head to toe. Do you have the guts to go in? Look at it.


Quarantine Station

The quarantine station, positioned on Manly’s North Head, housed people who were deemed to be carrying contagious diseases into Australia between 1832 and 1984. More than 500 unfortunate souls lost their lives there over the course of that half-century, and legend has it that some of them still haunt the historic building’s corridors.

Due to its attractive restaurant and hotel accommodations, the Quarantine Station is today one of Sydney’s most popular wedding venues and offers ghost tours of the old buildings and eerie burial grounds.


The Rocks

Famous for its variety of upscale eateries, bars, and stores, The Rocks is located in Sydney’s central business district. But it also has a negative side. Your tour guide will lead you through dark alleyways while carrying a lantern and telling you tales of former ghosts, such as Ann Walker, whose decaying body was discovered in 1831 by two workers.

This trip, dubbed one of the greatest ghost tours in Sydney, is a must-try. Ghost tours go on every night.

Darlinghurst Gaol

The National Art Academy was built inside this massive sandstone prison in 1995, yet the 76 people who were hanged there during that time are still haunted by their deaths. Darlinghurst Jail generated hundreds of restless ghosts that are still thought to frighten the location. Hangings were practised until 1908 and were even public affairs before 1852.

However, when you add dozens more murders and suicides to the score, tours of the ancient colonial jail are currently available to the public, allowing them to learn about the gruesome conditions and meagre food served there that earned the facility the nickname “Starvinghurst.”

Studley Park House, Camden

Because of its extraordinary history of hauntings, this location has earned the title of being the most haunted in Australia. Following the deaths of William Gregory, 14, and Ray Blackstone, 13, in 1909, residents have reported hearing children laughing late at night ever since. Because so many paranormal events have occurred in the house in the past, a lot of people have talked about this location.

Cockatoo Island

One of Sydney’s most famous colonial locations is also one of the city’s most spooky, full of apparitions and puzzling disappearances. Cockatoo Island served as a colonial prison, a dockyard, and a reformatory school for misbehaving girls during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its connection to convict transportation during that time.

This led to decades of horrifying mistreatment and numerous failed escape attempts. The largest island in the harbour now offers ghostly history night tours that expose its secrets, scandals, and skeletons.

Callan Park

In the year 1878, a park like this one was created. The improvement of psychiatric patients’ lives was the main goal when creating this park. Several employees were not being paid, and the facility gradually started to run out of money. Finally, the misuse of this location was the result of this.

The Callan Park Mental Hospital staff allegedly mistreated and ignored all of the patients, according to a report from 1961. Nowadays, the park’s hours of operation vary. A Facebook page named Friends of Callan Park, which provides all the information, is available if you want to learn more about the park.

Gladesville Mental Hospital

Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum used to be the name of this location. This area is near where the Parramatta River meets the city’s main river. After this hospital’s founding in 1838, both the patients and the professionals started abusing and neglecting the patients.

The fact that the victims’ families did not claim the remains resulted in a body pileup in this hospital. The hospital had a place for each of the bodies to be interred. In one of the most well-known haunted locations in Sydney, people have claimed that there is a weird vibe present in this hospital.

Parramatta Gaol Ghost Tours

On this kid-friendly ghost tour in Sydney, travel through time.

The Old Parramatta Prison was founded in 1837, and until it closed in 2011, it was the longest-running prison in Australia. For daring children aged 12 and older, the Murder and Mischief Ghost Tours at Parramatta Gaol will teach you about the history, murders, and ghosts of the historic Old Parramatta Gaol.


While you descend into the haunting buildings and landmarks of this historic district and take a torch- and lantern-lit walk through winding lanes, Explore Sydney Ghost Tours will share tales of the spooky past with you. These spine-tingling stories will amaze you.

Sydney Night Dentists: For Emergency 24/7 Dentistry

Looking for Sydney night dentists?

You’re in a Sydney nightclub. It’s 4am. Your mother would say you shouldn’t be out that late. You’ve been imbibing a bit too much, and there’s some other things in your bloodstream a toxicologist would be more than interested in.

You look at a guy, girl, or maybe some other gender, the “wrong way” at the “wrong moment”. Suddenly, violence has erupted. You may be a pacificist who can turn the other cheek, or you may be fully immersed in fighting back, trading blows, and seeing which tiger stands tall, and which adopts the submissive trait.

Either way you’ve got a tooth knocked out, and one broken in two pieces – where do you go, who do you call?

You go online, and very simply, this is the kind of dripping-with-empathy spiel you want to act on in a case of late night emergency dentistry:

If you have gone to the trouble of searching for an after hours or emergency dentist you are probably in a lot of pain. If this is the case, you should call now and speak to us. If the pain you are experiencing has come on suddenly and is not subsiding, this is a good indication that you require emergency dental treatment. Alternatively you may have broken a tooth or fixture as a result of an accident or sporting injury and may require emergency cosmetic dentistry. If so, call now to consult with us over the phone. Ignoring dental pain can cause serious long term damage. Whatever the reason for your dental emergency we are available to help you 24 hours 7 days and will get rid of your pain today!

So here’s a few you may want to jump onto straight away:

Pitt St Dentist 

We have Sydney CBD emergency dentists on call, 7 days a week. URGENT After Hours appt. available. Call us for immediate action. Payment plans are also available.

24 Hour Emergency Dental Care

When you call us a Dentist or our standby staff will answer your call. If your call is unanswered we will call you back momentarily. Once we speak with you about your dental emergency we will discuss treatment options and arrange a suitable time to see you. Some cases may require immediate treatment, others may not.

Emergency Dentist Sydney

24 Hours 7 Days. Sydney CBD City, late night and after hours emergency dentist. Experts in Treatment for Toothache & Broken Teeth.

Cracked, broken or dislodged teeth can be very discomforting and usually requires immediate attention to help save your teeth or fixtures

So if it’s you needing this help, whether from an automobile accident as dangerous as a car hitting a pedestrian, or an infamous Kings Cross “coward punch”, or from domestic violence, there are Sydney dentists who can help you in the middle of the night.


Religion & Dentistry: Can Your Dentist Bring You Closer to God?

Religion & Dentistry I could go on and on about this particular profession. Once again, I will go to pains to not offend anyone, but I make no guarantees.

If I did offend you, then I’m sorry in advance, it isn’t my intention to disprove or ratify any specific religion over another. It’s just something we do as people. Religion does have several elements that are common to nearly all flavors. We turn to religions as a voice of authority that is willing in many cases downright eagerly to tell us how we can improve ourselves and our lives. We tell religion that we want to be nagged about what we are doing wrong. 

Another subject I could go on and on, amazingly is Dentists are the only profession that I can think of that not only works on your mouth while you wait, but you’re conscious while it all happens! I’m given to understand that Dentists have the highest suicide rate amongst professionals. This isn’t a big shock considering that the best compliment a Dentist can get is characterised by the phrase it didn’t hurt a bit! This is usually said with some shock and amazement. 

You talked to God, But you can’t talk to Your Dentist

Spirituality aside, when you talk to God, however you choose to do it, you will hear back nothing. This doesn’t mean you won’t manufacture some meaning out of your conversation, but by and large, if you say hello God, you will not get a ‘hi there’ back from the big guy. He just doesn’t do things that way. 

When you are sitting in the Dentists chair, prayers are common before wisdom teeth removal these roles are reversed. Most Dentists will carry on a one-sided conversation with you for no other reason than to distract themselves from the fact that you forgot to use mouthwash before you sat in the chair. They will ask you things and the best you can do is roll your eyes or possibly make a sound that would be indistinguishable from nature if heard in a Forrest.

You Can’t Lie To The Dentist, But You Can Easily Lie To Clergy

Your dentist on the other hand will take your lies for what they are, lies. They will nod their heads in understanding when you say ‘I think I floss almost every night, and I brush two times a day. But when they look at your cherry red gums and the decay that runs rampant through your teeth like Israelites through the Philistines, both you and the dentist know that your lie will avail you nothing.

In many religions, the process of unburdening one’s soul comes in the form of confession. When you go to your religious leader, you may confess your sin, but if it’s not something you are proud of, you will skirt the truth of it, you will talk around it, you will justify yourself in your actions. Your minister knows that the process is there for you, the minister is just there to facilitate. So the minister will take your self-absolving lies and let you go your merry way.

  • Proper observance of Religion requires meetings once a week and Dentistry the meetings are twice a year. Sitting in the chair to have all of your sins revealed is uncomfortable at best. People have their mouths open large enough to provide stadium seating. They have devices that promote good gum and tooth health that are of course painful. They take dental X-rays, just to make sure you don’t slip a cavity unnoticed. Then they tell you you really should be flossing every day, not just when adverse affects, risks, and complications you can’t force air between your teeth anymore. Because most church meetings happen every week, they tend to be much less severe. lower dose over a higher frequency. 
  • In both Religion and Dentistry, you can see visions. Well, maybe not visions in a Moses I need you to save my people sort of way, but you will enter an altered state of mind between the nitrous oxide and the Novocaine. Punctuate that by sudden flashes of pain and you’ve got some pretty intense stimulation. In Religion, visions are only the purview of the particularly pious. Most people will live their whole lives seeing nothing more exciting from above than a sky-written message that says eat at joes.
  • Religion has arcane secrets, so does Dentistry. In religion, some certain rites and rituals are only for the devout of the Religion. This is for several reasons. First, it is these high rites that pushes us further within religion. We try to better ourselves if for no other reason, to partake of this high ceremony. If you aren’t a true believer, some of these rituals will seem downright goofy and religion has no use for a skeptic. In Dentistry they already have you in the chair, you are there to witness the Dentists every move. The last thing the dentist needs is for you to become nervous in the chair. Many tools of the dentist’s trade are passed to and from the dentist under your view. If you were to see the rather impressive syringe that they are about to puncture your jaw with, you might get a little uptight.  A good dentist employs many tactics with which to distract and mesmerise you. All to make that unpleasant situation just a bit more bearable.

Religion & Dentistry

Religion and Dentistry both want to make sure kids aren’t afraid to come and neither are successful. Kids hate 2 things. Being bored and being in pain. If they were to look at Going to church v.s. Going to the Dentist they would likely ask ‘how long is the church?’ This is especially funny since kids have NO concept of time at all. Usually, the chance of pain far outweighs the security of boredom. 

Religion has Church-lite where the rules are relaxed for kids. They play games and sing songs and try to have as good a time as they can. They call it Sunday School. The dentists usually have the Treasure Chest In a kid’s life, this is the only method by which they can judge the professional nature of the dentist. If the dentist only has mood rings and some crappy tops, that isn’t going to cut the mustard and certainly, this tooth fairy smells of quackery. 

Everyone knows a large toy chest filled with fun is the only way to somewhat assuage the abject terror that same child felt just moments ago. This attribute is bragged about by friends at school. Nobody is bragging about what they got at church unless, of course, they got out early

Midnight Weddings: a Gothic Niche Growing in Popularity?

For every wedding request there’s a thriving niche market making it a reality. The first to capitalise on gay weddings in the US in 2004 was Bernadette Coveney Smith. She quit her job and became a same-sex wedding planner. In 2008 when Massachusetts legalised gay marriage for non-residents as well, even if their home state didn’t recognise it, Coveney Smith’s business 14 Stories skyrocketed with revenue reaching six figures and bookings more than doubling in a year. It resulted in her opening a shop in New York.

Weddings are a multi billion-dollar business, borne from the pursuit of creating the most unforgettable day ever imagined. It is this that blows budgets, minds, and any idea of restraint. With numerous social media platforms, and whether it be for the beauty or the blunder, a wedding day is Warhol’s prediction that, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

Offering wedding planning services is the entry point for entrepreneurs to break into the industry. It’s a lucrative start; basic overheads are little more than business cards and a website. The expertise and solid networking ability builds event experience and reputation, and that is the marker where the real money begins.

When pastel lipstick, a white gown and something-blue isn’t your thing, sometimes a Goth wedding is. That being the case, there is no better time but midnight for the nuptials to begin to break those wedding rules. Although black is not listed among popular wedding dress colours there is no reason a black wedding gown won’t be as original and stunning as a white or blush counterpart. Candelabras, glass skull glassware. Black lilies, dark and moody among deep purple flowers and black pearl lisianthus. Black bacarra dark red roses in the bridal bouquet.

Naturally every wedding is unique, whether it be its tackiness, opulence or tasteful exuberance and every one is a moment of magic where laughter and all the expressions and languages of love, get to celebrate in one place.

Of course it’s more expensive to have a midnight wedding, with the added challenge of finding a venue to accommodate your ideal timeline by it not having a strict-policy closing.

A night-long reception brings the opportunity for complaints, from both outsiders and guests. Older family and friends, those in uncomfortable shoes, children, and anyone annoyed by their quiet night time air being broken are useful things to take into account. Even if you don’t hear about it at the time, you surely will within the year. Two, if it’s really awful – like starving guests having to secretly order pizza over the back fence.

Next day brunch is off the list too with a midnight wedding if the plan includes the next day – unless of course it’s scheduled for two in the afternoon. The point of the get together is the chance to eat decent food, continue to gently recover from the big day before, and find out all the good stuff. No point doing that when everyone’s managed just three hours sleep: not everyone wants to kick into action with just a short black and faith in apple cider vinegar to get them through.

Every wedding day is perfect: the perfect combination of dream-like excitement and stomach-pit stress. Along with finding the perfect venue for your into-the-wee-hours celebration, a realistic itinerary for this shifting in time is imperative for the night to run smoothly. Are your vows to be at midnight? Or is that when dinner will be served? How open-ended is it that lasts guests can leave?

An advantage of course, and a good part of the reason to have your gothic midnight nuptials is that there’s more time for dancin’. And more time for people to decide to get up out of their seat. Nobody without a skin full really feels like tripping the light fantastic at three o’clock in the afternoon.

A night wedding is also the best excuse to sleep in, the morning after and bask in any glory in which you feel like basking.

Getting married in an enlightened relationship gives hope for love’s creativity and giving yourselves the night to party is memorable way to begin married life. You’ll have more time to spend with guests, and speeches and cake-cutting won’t have the usual time constraints if you’re wanting the perfect marriage of tradition with the unconventional.

It’s a beautiful thing to be watching a sunrise, and no better than when it glows across your new journey in which is held your beloved. That in itself is reason to pledge yourselves to each other with the moon your timeless witness.

Electrical Requirements For Nightclubs: What You Need if Setting Up a Club

You dream of running your very own nightclub and picture yourself amid a bevy of beautiful babes. The beat is booming and the dance floor full. Cocktails are being sipped and slurped across the room. Coloured lights and lasers create a kaleidoscopic backdrop for your big-time fantasy. But what about the electrical requirements for nightclubs: What you need if setting up a club in reality? Funny how dreams rarely touch upon this mundane stuff. Dreams are all about stroking egos and our sensual bits without the boring technical nuts and bolts.


Nightclubs Need a Bloody Good Electrician & A Generous Budget


Nightclubs involve banks of coloured lights, laser beams, a mirror ball, enough voltage for the DJ and massive speakers, pendant lighting for the bar, LED downlights for different rooms maybe, air conditioning etc. You may in fact require an entire switchboard upgrade to handle the extra voltage. Don’t even get me started on ACDC and I do not mean the gender bending interpretation of that term. No, Ladies and Gents, electrical requirements for nightclubs: What you need if setting up a club is a bloody good electrician and a generous budget. There may well be time enough for immoral behaviour down the track, but, first, let’s get the lights working and the sound system pumping.


Get Your Pendant Lighting Swinging in the Right Direction


You close your eyes and see yourself Hoovering up things on mirrors with a silky friend on your arm laughing at your jokes. You are at the centre of a black hole universe surrounded by beautiful people having the time of their lives. The beat thrums deep inside your bloodstream and dopamine floods your consciousness. Your nightclub fantasy fulfills every molecule of your youthful body and brain. But what about all those electrical requirements to get from point A to point B? To synchronise all that electromagnetic high-tech equipment and current? To get your pendant light swinging in the right direction? Who you gonna call?


You may revamp the Neon signage to something that’s more Instagram marketing friendly. There are so many considerations to entertain when setting out as a nightclub entrepreneur. So many I s to dot and t s to cross. So many details to get right and so much technical stuff to deal with. Is it any wonder we only dream about the good bits? The cool dude partaking in illicit things with a select few. The master of ceremonies at the heart of the darkness. The nightclub fantasy is a perennial one.



Covid-19 is Killing Consumerist Culture

By Julie Gunn

And this is just the beginning….

1. Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy.
2. Zara closed 1,200 stores.
3. La Chapelle withdrew 4391 stores.
4. Chanel is discontinued.
5. Hermes is discontinued.
6. Patek Philippe discontinued production.
7. Rolex discontinued production.
8. The world’s luxury industry has crumpled.
9. Nike has a total of $23 billion US dollars preparing for the second stage of layoffs.
10. Gold’s gym filed for bankruptcy
11. The founder of AirBnb said that because of pandemic, 12 years of efforts were destroyed in 6 weeks.
12. Even Starbucks also announced to permanently close their 400 stores.
13. WeWork isn’t in a great spot either

The list goes on & on

See the US economy landscape :

Nissan Motor Co. may close down in USA

1. Biggest Car Rental company (Hertz) filed for bankruptcy – they also own Thrifty and Dollar
2. Biggest Trucking company (Comcar) filed for bankruptcy – they have 4000 trucks
3. Oldest retail company (JC Penny) filed for bankruptcy – to be acquired by Amazon for pennies
4. Biggest investor in the world (Warren Buffet) lost $50B in the last 2 months
5. Biggest investment company in the world (BlackRock) is signalling disaster in the world economy – they manage over $7 Trillion
6. Biggest mall in America (Mall of America) stopped paying mortgage payments
7. Most reputable airline in the world (Emirates) laying off 30% of its employees
8. US Treasury printing trillions to try to keep the economy on life support
9. Estimated no. of retail stores closing in 2020 – 12,000 to 15,000. The following are big retailers that have announced closing:

– J. Crew
– Gap
– Victoria’s Secret
– Bath & Body Works
– Forever 21
– Sears
– Walgreens
– GameStop
– Pier 1 Imports
– Nordstrom
– Papyrus
– Chico’s
– Destination Maternity
– Modell’s
– A.C. Moore
– Macy’s
– Bose
– Art Van Furniture
– Olympia Sports
– K Mart
– Specialty Cafe & Bakery
and many many more

Unemployment claims reached an all-time high of 38+ million – unemployment is over 25% (out of 160 million of work force, close to 40 million are jobless). With no income, consumer demand is falling drastically and the economy will go into a free fall. This is just USA…

Under the weight of the new corona pandemic, many giants are facing the crisis of failure. 5 months of pandemic created a LOT of debt, and tens of thousands of companies went bankrupt. If you have business & your company is still there, and there are no pay cuts or layoffs, please treat your company & customers well. Humans are facing the pandemic that cannot be controlled. The second half of 2020 is the challenge of corporate strength & relationship

2020 is about survival. Take care of yourself & your loved ones. Be happy with what you have!

Covid-19 By Night: Viral Stealth vs Our Stupidity

Before we get too hung up on blaming the state government, or the federal government, or China for our covid situation let’s review some facts:

1. We had to bring in mandatory quarantining in hotels, because we couldn’t trust people to stay home after returning from overseas.
2. We then had to bring in security, because we couldn’t trust people to stay in those hotels.
3. We then had to bring in the ADF, because we couldn’t trust the security guards not to have sex with those in quarantine in the hotels.
4. We had to get police to door knock and check up on people, because we couldnt trust those who were meant to be self-isolating to actually stay at home.
5. We also have to have police and ADF reinforce the metropolitan melb zone and state borders, because we can’t trust people to follow the restrictions.
6. We are now being asked to use masks, because we cannot trust people to social distance when they are in public.
7. Through it all, our supermarkets have had to introduce shopping restrictions because we couldn’t trust people to not to take more than what they needed.

So we can get as mad as we want at politicians or health officials for imposing restrictions, or the country where the virus originated ….. but essentially it’s our own fault that we find ourselves here.

Too many people aren’t willing to think of others rather than just themselves. Selfishness and lack of empathy seems to be as much of a disease as covid itself.

By Joanne O’Brien

Chicken pox is a virus. Lots of people have had it, and probably don’t think about it much once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in your body and lives there forever, and maybe when you’re older, you have debilitatingly painful outbreaks of shingles. You don’t just get over this virus in a few weeks, never to have another health effect. We know this because it’s been around for years, and has been studied medically for years.

Herpes is also a virus. And once someone has it, it stays in your body and lives there forever, and anytime they get a little run down or stressed-out they’re going to have an outbreak. Maybe every time you have a big event coming up (school pictures, job interview, big date) you’re going to get a cold sore. For the rest of your life. You don’t just get over it in a few weeks. We know this because it’s been around for years, and been studied medically for years.

HIV is a virus. It attacks the immune system, and makes the carrier far more vulnerable to other illnesses. It has a list of symptoms and negative health impacts that goes on and on. It was decades before viable treatments were developed that allowed people to live with a reasonable quality of life. Once you have it, it lives in your body forever and there is no cure. Over time, that takes a toll on the body, putting people living with HIV at greater risk for health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes, bone disease, liver disease, cognitive disorders, and some types of cancer. We know this because it has been around for years, and had been studied medically for years.

Now with COVID-19, we have a novel virus that spreads rapidly and easily. The full spectrum of symptoms and health effects is only just beginning to be cataloged, much less understood.

So far the symptoms may include:

Acute respiratory distress
Lung damage (potentially permanent)
Loss of taste (a neurological symptom)
Sore throat
Difficulty breathing
Mental confusion
Nausea or vomiting
Loss of appetite
Strokes have also been reported in some people who have COVID-19 (even in the relatively young)
Swollen eyes
Blood clots
Liver damage
Kidney damage
COVID toes (weird, right?)

People testing positive for COVID-19 have been documented to be sick even after 60 days. Many people are sick for weeks, get better, and then experience a rapid and sudden flare up and get sick all over again. A man in Seattle was hospitalized for 62 days, and while well enough to be released, still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. Not to mention a $1.1 million medical bill.

Then there is MIS-C. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is a condition where different body parts can become inflamed, including the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs. Children with MIS-C may have a fever and various symptoms, including abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, neck pain, rash, bloodshot eyes, or feeling extra tired. While rare, it has caused deaths.

This disease has not been around for years. It has basically been 6 months. No one knows yet the long-term health effects, or how it may present itself years down the road for people who have been exposed. We literally do not know what we do not know.

For those in our society who suggest that people being cautious are cowards, for people who refuse to take even the simplest of precautions to protect themselves and those around them, I want to ask, without hyperbole and in all sincerity:

How dare you?

How dare you risk the lives of others so cavalierly. How dare you decide for others that they should welcome exposure as “getting it over with”, when literally no one knows who will be the lucky “mild symptoms” case, and who may fall ill and die. Because while we know that some people are more susceptible to suffering a more serious case, we also know that 20 and 30 year olds have died, marathon runners and fitness nuts have died, children and infants have died.

How dare you behave as though you know more than medical experts, when those same experts acknowledge that there is so much we don’t yet know, but with what we DO know, are smart enough to be scared of how easily this is spread, and recommend baseline precautions such as:
Frequent hand-washing
Physical distancing
Reduced social/public contact or interaction
Mask wearing
Covering your cough or sneeze
Avoiding touching your face
Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces

The more things we can all do to mitigate our risk of exposure, the better off we all are, in my opinion. Not only does it flatten the curve and allow health care providers to maintain levels of service that aren’t immediately and catastrophically overwhelmed; it also reduces unnecessary suffering and deaths, and buys time for the scientific community to study the virus in order to come to a more full understanding of the breadth of its impacts in both the short and long term.

I reject the notion that it’s “just a virus” and we’ll all get it eventually. What a careless, lazy, heartless stance.

cover-19 memes meme victoria nsw coronavirus melbourne sydney

Bedroom Furniture Isn’t So Sexy Any More

Gone are the days when people used to acquire stylish bedroom furniture for the looks. Although this may still matter to some, many are now opting for functional pieces that enhance sleep quality. How is this possible? Your choice of furniture can improve your sleep or make you wake up feeling sluggish and cranky.

How can you use your bedroom furniture to improve your sleep?

Better arrangement

The layout defines the atmosphere in your room. If you don’t arrange your room well, it will appear and feel cluttered. It will also be less inviting and uncomfortable. To make your bedroom more tranquil, choose a bedroom set comprising of an anchor piece like a bed. It will establish the style and mood in your room. This way, arranging other crucial items in your room will be more comfortable.

For instance, you’ll need different types of bedroom furniture like chests and bedsides. They will come in handy in terms of storage. You can use them to store your books, magazines, newspapers, towels, innerwear and more. Go for wooden drawers; they are durable and will give you the best value for your money.

Use the right furniture

Keeping the wrong furniture can ruin your sleep. Keep things that will help you to associate your room with sleep. Avoid desks in your bedroom and move it to the study room. By so doing, your brain will start linking your bedroom with relaxation instead of work and stress, which can ruin your sleep.

Avoid clutter

Although you want the best furniture for your bedroom, avoid cramping your room with many pieces. Pick one of two striking pieces of furniture and place them strategically. Some drawers and chests will come in handy. They will help declutter your room by providing ample storage space. Also, avoid bulky furniture, and this helps create the illusion of space.

Consider the furniture quality

When seeking out retail furniture optionsgo for ones that design quality pieces. There are different types of bedroom furniture. You will find bedroom pieces in wood, metallic and many other materials. But, the quality of your furniture determines how well you sleep at night.

For example, if you opt for a high-quality timber bed, you’re likely to feel invigorated and refreshed. Wood is durable, and sleeping on a wooden bed can improve your health in many ways. It will help lower your blood pressure levels and help alleviate back pains.

Use varied paint colors

Color has various psychological effects and can help you elicit the right emotions and mood in your bedroom. Go for furniture in soothing hues like pastel blue, lavender, grey, and green. They all have calming and relaxing effects and are ideal for bedrooms. However, avoid electric blues and dark grays.


Your choice of bedroom furniture affects your sleep in many ways. Pick the right furniture and go for excellent quality pieces. Be keen on the choice of paint, and opt for warm, soothing hues. Also, use chest drawers to store your items; this way, you’ll avoid clutter and improve your comfort levels during sleep.

Tattoo Regrets : Worst Decision Ever

Tattoo regrets, who has them? Who hasn’t? They say the worst thing is regretting not doing something. Well, in some cases, not doing it might be a good thing. Like tattoos. Because once you have been inked and you hate it, you will have to wait a little longer to remove it. 

Getting a tattoo is not as big a decision today as it was ten years ago. Still, if you are a newbie at it, like virgin skin, it might give you apprehensions. Even people who are already inked, rethink getting another one. Because even today, getting tattoos is a serious undertaking. Not to mention a little costly. In Sydney, an average tattoo is worth $100. Be ready to shell out $50 to $200 for a custom job.

Even tattoo lovers admit there can be tattoo regrets. Having one too many on a couple of night excursions after team building activities, that sort of thing. Worst decision ever scenarios can play out if they do not sleep on their choices. For a month. Or two. Tattoos, although no longer as permanent as it once was, still will be with you for at least six months. That is the allowable time for skin to heal and have that tattoo removed or replaced. 


In the tattoo world, don’t decide when you are newly happily in love. Most tattoo regrets are names of their now exes. Included in this list are star constellations and Chinese characters. Something they just fancied is also on the list of people with tattoo regrets. Tattoo locations most regretted are on the bicep which is where most male Australians have theirs. 

It is not a well known fact, but the pain in getting inked is just half the battle. There is the healing stage and the after care. A poorly cared for tattoo will fade with too much sun and not be as awesome as first thought of. 
The biggest regret yet may have to do with health issues. Some people who got their tattoos experienced allergic reactions to tattoo dyes. There is a small percentage that gets a bacterial infection because the needle pierces the skin and may introduce infection. The long term effects are still undetermined and undocumented.

African Dance Nights in Sydney

Expect African dance nights in Sydney to be a night like no other. No dance is as earthy as African Dance. The beats and movements are reminiscent of decades even centuries past. It is a form of movement accompanied by drums, motivated by feelings. There is a dance in Africa for almost everything. For work, for love, for a celebration. They have traditional meanings, deep and powerful. Their roles and their very identity exists and play out in these dances. It is an integral part of their culture and have been handed down from parent to child for centuries. Even the drummers commanding the rhythm do not do it by whim. They have practiced that beat for years. It is an honour to command the beat.  A time honoured tradition.

But with the dawn of a new age, the world got smaller. And more adventurous. Those that left their countries usually want a piece of home. And Africans are no exception. Where they went, they brought with them like a South African grocery shop / grocery store, their own food biltong, boerewors; African grocery and spices; and African dance nights in Sydney and other places where they currently are. African dance nights and African dance groups are very active in the Sydney area. From beginners to expert level, there is a dance group available for you. The main thing with African dances is the usual coupling man/woman pairing is not present. Specific groups perform specific dances in their own groups. Sometimes the group becomes one big group and still there will not be a pairing of man woman. 


Dancing is a great activity to indulge in. Not only can it manage your health, increase activity improve overall organ performance, it can also alleviate stress. As it can be a social activity, It also takes care of your emotional health. Speaking with people, interacting. Good for physical fitness and great for social life. 

Unlike traditional African dances, African dance nights in Sydney is all about letting loose, exploring movement and having fun. But most of all, these dance nights is a novel approach to health and wellness.

Insomniacs In Sydney

The City never sleeps. It seems like so many of us never do, too. So many things to do, so little time. Beautiful Sydney is even more picturesque at night delighting the insomniacs in Sydney. At night you will see the twinkling lights both above and below. Their reflection in the water and amongst the buildings and the street delighting everyone. The myriad of people who can only roam about at night. Arranging for a drink in the downtime of the day where it is less frenzied, less crowded. 

You can mind your own business or be with friends. It is a time you encounter such people with 9 to 5 jobs. The corporate lawyer who had to make client calls. The lecturer visiting Sydney for his discourse in Immunology and anatomy. The families wanting to have a meal amidst colourful surroundings. Friends wanting a coffee or something stronger to relax and revive them before going home. The digital nomad finally flexing his people skills.

From late afternoon to the wee hours, insomniacs in Sydney can have unparalleled experience. The Sydney Observatory offers a peek into the night skies and lessons and films to watch at the space theatre. The Sydney Tower Eye or dinner at the 360 Bar for a view of the City while enjoying your space and having a drink.


Find a nice spot and people watch under a tree or pack a few nibbles have a solitary picnic. If that doesn’t appeal to you call a mate to talk about old times. There’s also a party underwater where there’s silent disco at the Sea Life Aquarium or spend overnight glamping at Taronga Zoo. A busy scene but still remain anonymous, insomniacs in Sydney revel going to Chinatown Night Markets. The smells and choices are limitless. Dine in style with the water below and the sky above aboard a luxury yacht. Or take a walk and make it an art night at the Art Gallery. 

Before you know it, the nightbirds dwindle in numbers being replaced with folks preparing another business day. Suppliers tending to their wares before the sun comes out, eager fitness buffs wanting to sweat it out sans the heat. The City that never sleeps is changing its clothes for the other half of the population meeting another day.

Bars Maketh the Man: Manly’ coolest 5 x Bars of 2017

Manly Wine Bars

Address:  8-13 South Steyne, Manly
Phone:  +61 2 8966 9000
Hours:  7 days – 7am till late

Manly Wine offers its own eclectic, quirky setting, but what sets it apart from its sister venues is a spectacular beach side view. Offering a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu along with a creative drinks menu, Manly Wine is a top spot to visit any time of day. Whether you’re looking for a long lunch or Sunday afternoon session, Manly Wine is the place to be. It’s also a great venue for groups and functions with set menus and a range of private and semi-private areas available for bookings.

Keep your eyes on their daily specials such as ‘Wednesday Wine Tastings’ and a ‘Girl’s Picnic’ on weekends, there is always something happening.

The Manly Wharf Hotel 

Address:  Manly Wharf, East Esplanade, Manly
Phone:  +61 2 9977 1266
Hours:  Mon -Fri- 11.30am- 12.30am, Sat– 11am-1pm, Sun- 11am- 12am

The Manly Wharf Hotel is located on (surprise, surprise) the Manly Wharf, which makes arriving by ferry a perfect option, should you not be a local.

The hotel has been a Manly hot spot for years and with their stunning waterfront location, it’s not hard to work out why. The interior is relaxed beach chic. The venue perfect for groups and always full however probably not the best quiet date night spot.

The food menu is standard pub fare meaning salads, seafood, burgers, grill and pizzas etc. Plus, they offer reasonably priced daily specials.

Drinks wise they offer cocktails, beer and wine. Also good to keep your eye out for their special events with DJ line ups such as Sunset Sessions, Australia Day and pretty much a party for every upcoming holiday there’s always something happening.


Hemingway’s Bar Manly

48 N Steyne, Manly NSW 2095

Sonia Piantoni and Emmanuel Deleuze took over the reins at Hemingway’s just over a year ago, moving here from the French Alps, where they own Le Montana, a Michelin Star restaurant in the mountain resort, Val Thorens.

Their common passion for gastronomy and love for Australia, which Emmanuel has been visiting for over 20 years, has inspired them to bring a little bit of French flavour to Manly.

Hungarian chef Zsolt Kovacs has had 12 years of experience fine-tuning his skills as a chef, starting his training in the Rhineland in Germany, before moving on to Munich, Berlin and Bavaria. Zsolt has trained with many renowned French chefs throughout his career and has been collaborating with Sonia and Emmanuel Deleuze, the French owners of Hemingway’s Manly, to create a menu that combines Manly seaside favourites with traditional French cuisine.

Zsolt has trained with many renowned French chefs throughout his career and has been collaborating with Sonia and Emmanuel to create a menu that combines Manly seaside favourites with traditional French cuisine.


27 The Corso, Manly Beach NSW 2095

TEL: 02 9976 3955 FAX: 02 9977 0957                               

a much-loved local pub located in the heart of The Corso at Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Offering a refreshing, timeless and sophisticated setting the Ivanhoe Hotel has a strong emphasis on food, quality and produce. Behind the magnificent heritage facade, The Ivanhoe Hotel’s interiors channel a Hamptons-inspired coastal beach vibe while retaining the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere of Manly and a local pub.

Boasting indoor and outdoor, relaxed all-weather spaces over three floors, including two of Sydney’s most impressive rooftop bars, The Ivanhoe Hotel’s spaces are perfect for lunch, dinner, drinks or a night out on the town. The variety of different areas throughout the pub allow guests to tailor their own experiences; whether it is casual large lunches with the whole family, afternoon cocktails in the sun with friends in one of the open-air courtyards, quiet corners for a quick bite to eat or celebrations in the surf clubhouse-style second floor bar and open-air rooftop, The Pines. These spaces are also perfect function spots for intimate groups right up to large events.

The Ivanhoe Hotel is also home to a boutique bottle shop as well as a dedicated sports bar, offering one of Sydney’s best venues for watching sport with full TAB facilities.

Good Hope Manly  

(02) 9977 0194 1/10 Belgrave St Manly 2095

Good Hope alludes to the origin of Australia’s first vine cuttings brought over with the First Fleet from the Cape of Good Hope before being planted on the foreshores of Sydney Cove where the InterContinental Hotel now stands.

We believe that great wine needs to be paired with great food. Good Hope’s dishes, are a modern take on Australian cuisine. Our menu is cooked with love and our dishes are designed to share.

What’s On

February Specials

Tuesday – Half price cheese and meat plates

Choose from a variety of meats and cheese’s to design your own tasty plate.

Thursday -Thursday Feast

Thursday night at Good Hope is feast night.

Our team releases a new menu weekly, paired with matching wines, we’ve taken the hard work out for you. Sit back, relax and let us do the rest for you.

$35 per person food only

$80 per person with matching wines


Tuesday – Friday  4pm – 12:00am

Saturday – 2pm – 12:00am

Sunday-  2pm – 10:00pm

Coolest Tattoo Parlours in Sydney

Kaleidoscope Tattoo Parlour

About Us

Proudly delivering quality tattoos with friendly customer service for 20 years. We are Bondi’s original tattoo studio.

Established in 1995 at the famous Bondi Beach, Kaleidoscope Tattoo Studio has grown to become one of the most respected and well-known tattoo and body piercing studios in Sydney. We are proud of our reputation for delivering quality tattoos with friendly customer service. Whether it’s large custom tattoos or smaller pieces for walk in customers, we believe everyone should be given the same courtesy and support.

Our impressive line-up of award-winning tattoo artists possess amazing drawing skills. They approach their work with genuine passion and aim to design and deliver a tattoo that is personal and expresses precisely what you’re after. Our tattoo artists specialise in a wide range of tattoo styles including traditional, neo traditional, Japanese, oriental, realism, water colour, and other more artistic styles. Our work has been featured in all major tattoo publications and in numerous media for nearly 20 years.

Phone: 02 9365 0167 to book in your free consultation today!

Contact Us

P: 02 9365 0167


Opening Hours:

Sunday – Friday: 12pm – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 8pm

– See more at:

For the unwanted tattoo that you’ve always wanted to be remove, also check out the best tattoo removal services in Sydney.


You’re always welcome at LDF Tattoo, a tattoo studio owned and operated by tattoo artists who draw on more than 50 years of experience in the Australian tattoo industry. We have two locations, one on King Street in Sydney’s Newtown, an area known for it’s arts and culture and the other on Illawarra Road in Marrickville. Please check us out, have a look at our work and let us know how we can help you realise that tattoo you’ve been planning. Please feel free to leave us some feedback, and jump on the above link to follow us on facebook.


Les and the team @ LDF Tattoo.


LDF Tattoo Newtown                                                     

26 King Street, Newtown

Sydney, Australia

(02) 9550 6759


Trading Hours

Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

Sunday 12pm – 5pm


The Darling Parlour is a custom walk-in tattoo studio in the heart of Balmain, Sydney. They specialise in custom designs, good quality and clean tattoos for each individual client. They are a family operated tattoo studio with a huge passion for tattoos and all things creative. “We love what we do and we feel it shows in our work”, they say.

Dave and Sasha are the proud owners and operators of the darling parlour working alongside some great artists and friends. They have created a space which expresses not only their artwork but a piece of themselves.


The Darling Parlour Tattoo

4/13 Beattie St, Balmain NSW 2041, Australia


How do I book an appointment?

  • Shoot them an Email!
    When emailing, be sure to attach any reference pictures of the design you were after as well as stating where on your body you were after it.
  • Over the phone. You can call the shop and speak to one of their friendly staff, who will be able to book you in. Be sure to have your card ready to take an over the phone deposit!
  • Swing by the shop! Pop in at any time and speak to their artists. This is the best way to get an accurate price on the piece you were wanting.


Consultations are FREE, but need to be booked in.
Contact us via email, phone or drop by and we can book you in with one of our artists
Be sure to bring any reference pictures you may have to help describe the design you were after.

Your artist will usually draw up your design the day prior to or on the day of your appointment, so you will not be able to see your design till the actual day of your appointment.

Do you ever have guest artists in the shop?

Yes! They frequently do, check out their Guest page!

Send them your portfolio if you are keen on travelling and working with them.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed or pieced in your studio?

They do not tattoo any patrons under the age of 18.

Persons under the age of 18 shall not be pierced, unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
Both need photo ID, guardian/parent need a Medicare care with both names on it OR paperwork verifying their legal guardianship.

Stone Heart – 1/77 William Street, Sydney, NSW

Located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, just a few minutes walk from Town Hall station.

We are located ground level, just above the famous Club 77.

If you get lost, feel free to call us on (02) 8095 0100 for directions.


We are a custom design and walk-in tattoo studio (sorry, no piercing). We are fast becoming renown as Sydney’s go to Tattoo Studio, with our artists tattooing the likes of Justin Beiber, Ruby Rose, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Our shop is tucked away in a light-filled studio in Bondi, open 7 days a week from 11am until late. We pride ourselves on our friendliness, cleanliness and our down to earth attitude – Everyone is welcome!

Our studio is a treasure-trove of tattoo relics, tattoo memorabilia and just plain old cool shit! Every inch of every wall is covered in art and sculpture, collected from around the world over decades of travel. Our studio space is constantly evolving with new art, new tattoos, tattoo memorabilia and guest artists.  *As our studio is very busy with limited space, we kindly ask that you limit the people accompanying you to just one. There is plenty to see and do around our studio, so ideally it would be great if your friends and family could meet you after your appointment – thank you.

Despite our name, we don’t just do Japanese style tattooing, we cover all styles from black and grey, realsim, geometric/dot work to traditional Americana. We have some of the best artists in the industry, each being fully licensed using only the best equipment and supplies. To find out more about our artists and to see their work, head to the artist section on our website.


Even though our artists work mostly by pre-booked appointments, we still offer walk-in’s when time permits. If we have time to do same-day tattoos, it will usually be small to medium in size with the design ready to go. If we can’t tattoo you on the spot, there may be an artist who will have time later that day or the following to get you tattooed. Our studio has up to 5 artists working at any one time, so chances are good we can get you booked in. If you’re wanting to get a large or more complex tattoo, it’s best that you contact one of our artists directly to organise a consultation.

Little Tokyo is open Monday to Sunday, 11am until Late. We recommend calling ahead for walk-in appointments but if you feel like dropping in, we’ll be more than happy to chat to you about your tattoo.

Open 7 days a week, 11am – Late

P: (02) 8068 4912  |  E:   Instagram @_littletokyo_


Night Tours of Sydney

Sydney is known for its vibrant nightlife. In fact, after the sun has set and cast its radiance over the Sydney Harbour, the life in the city is just getting started.

Attractions at Night

strip-outs waste management sydneyTourists who have a penchant for escorts can have a tour of Sydney brothels and nightlife. But if you have kids with you or would want to experience the city’s attractions at night, you can start your excursion at Sydney Tower. Take marvel at the spectacular view of the city lights or feast at the sumptuous food served in the Tower’s restaurants. You should also visit the Sydney Observatory. Look at the stars, planets or other heavenly bodies using the telescopes at the country’s oldest observatory. After a little astronomical experience, head to Sydney Aquarium. Kids and those young at heart will surely enjoy the country’s marine life. If you’re up for a hair-raising and spine-chilling experience, sign up for The Rocks Ghost Tour. Of course, the best time to revisit Sydney’s dark history is at night. Listen to real life stories of murders, suicide and hauntings while exploring dark alleyways and haunted places. For a more spooky experience, book the tour during the Halloween.

Theatres and Clubs

Apart from the famous Sydney Opera House, you can watch the country’s finest actors at Walsh Bay. You should also make a trip to the State Theatre and the Capitol Theatre. For party animals out there, party ’til you drop at the nightclubs in the city’s Central Business District. Among the must-visit clubs are the Chinese Laundry, One22 and Grandma’s Bar.

Lowlights of Sydney’s Nightlife

Just recently, the state government introduced new liquor laws “to ensure the safety of tourists and residents.” This is partly in response to the attacks on teenagers while enjoying the city’s nightlife. These laws entail a liquor ban in some areas and curfew on establishments that serve or sell alcohols. Because of these legislations, the once throbbing and vibrant nightlife in Sydney is starting to fade away. In fact, the once packed and alive Oxford Street is now swarming of establishments with the “lease” sign. It is a must that tourists and residents enjoy a nightlife, where they feel safe and comfortable. Maybe a sober city might be good after all.

Asian Hotspots and Karaoke Bars in Sydney

Sydney is full of great Asian hotspots and karaoke bars, where locals and visitors mingle under the spotlight and sing to their heart’s content. Awesome sound systems beat out a booming beat and the disco lights complete the kaleidoscopic picture. There are beautiful girls and great looking guys with all the right moves making boogie on the dance floor. Asian hotspots and karaoke bars in Sydney are varied and offer lots of unique experiences for participants. Usually located in the pulsating centre of the city, they are places of visceral entertainment.

When you grasp the golden microphone at Big Echo you know that stardom beckons for that moment. The volume blasts out your choice of song and you are off swinging those hips and trying to keep time with the lyrics. Plenty of alcohol choices and some great Japanese food on the menu too. This place is a Sydney karaoke institution.

Asian Hotspots and Karaoke Bars in Sydney

K-Square is a subterranean Sydney karaoke spot beneath George Street and very popular with the locals. They have a great list of songs with the original video clips by the artists themselves. Powerful sound system and several rooms available within the underground space. Lots of yummy Thai food on the menu and plenty of beer/alcohol.

Karaoke World is an oldie but a goodie; and has recently been renovated. With 18 rooms to sing in it could be compared to a karaoke golf course. It has a huge song list with all the latest hits. Very basic menu featuring fried food like spring rolls, chips and chicken wings.

Dynasty Karaoke in China Town is very futuristic with lots of reflective surfaces, bright lights and digital screens. Good solid sound system and easy to use touch screen remotes. Good service and some very tasty Asian food. One of the best karaoke bars in Sydney.

CEO Karaoke is a fancy pants style joint with light-up tables and super plush seats. There are rooms with individual interior design themes and plenty of room to move. Great drinks menu and a good selection of food to eat.

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke has some 24 rooms for you to Karaoke in. Karaoke used to be about public embarrassment but now it seems that you can confine the shame to your intimate circle. This place has great food and lots of drinks to choose from. You can even take advantage of package deals for dinner or lunch with karaoke. A top Asian hotspot in Sydney to party hard in.