Sydney Ghost Tours

Do you believe that every history trip is the same?

Reconsider your position. Some tour guides have a tremendous gift for storytelling, transporting you back in time through their persuasive arguments. From mass graves in mental hospitals to the eerie passageways of former convict jails, Sydney is full of locations that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Prepare to be so terrified that your ribs will tremble, your sweat will drip down your pulsing temples, and your eyes will dart around in anticipation. These Sydney ghost tours will give you the shivers and terrify you from head to toe. Do you have the guts to go in? Look at it.


Quarantine Station

The quarantine station, positioned on Manly’s North Head, housed people who were deemed to be carrying contagious diseases into Australia between 1832 and 1984. More than 500 unfortunate souls lost their lives there over the course of that half-century, and legend has it that some of them still haunt the historic building’s corridors.

Due to its attractive restaurant and hotel accommodations, the Quarantine Station is today one of Sydney’s most popular wedding venues and offers ghost tours of the old buildings and eerie burial grounds.


The Rocks

Famous for its variety of upscale eateries, bars, and stores, The Rocks is located in Sydney’s central business district. But it also has a negative side. Your tour guide will lead you through dark alleyways while carrying a lantern and telling you tales of former ghosts, such as Ann Walker, whose decaying body was discovered in 1831 by two workers.

This trip, dubbed one of the greatest ghost tours in Sydney, is a must-try. Ghost tours go on every night.

Darlinghurst Gaol

The National Art Academy was built inside this massive sandstone prison in 1995, yet the 76 people who were hanged there during that time are still haunted by their deaths. Darlinghurst Jail generated hundreds of restless ghosts that are still thought to frighten the location. Hangings were practised until 1908 and were even public affairs before 1852.

However, when you add dozens more murders and suicides to the score, tours of the ancient colonial jail are currently available to the public, allowing them to learn about the gruesome conditions and meagre food served there that earned the facility the nickname “Starvinghurst.”

Studley Park House, Camden

Because of its extraordinary history of hauntings, this location has earned the title of being the most haunted in Australia. Following the deaths of William Gregory, 14, and Ray Blackstone, 13, in 1909, residents have reported hearing children laughing late at night ever since. Because so many paranormal events have occurred in the house in the past, a lot of people have talked about this location.

Cockatoo Island

One of Sydney’s most famous colonial locations is also one of the city’s most spooky, full of apparitions and puzzling disappearances. Cockatoo Island served as a colonial prison, a dockyard, and a reformatory school for misbehaving girls during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its connection to convict transportation during that time.

This led to decades of horrifying mistreatment and numerous failed escape attempts. The largest island in the harbour now offers ghostly history night tours that expose its secrets, scandals, and skeletons.

Callan Park

In the year 1878, a park like this one was created. The improvement of psychiatric patients’ lives was the main goal when creating this park. Several employees were not being paid, and the facility gradually started to run out of money. Finally, the misuse of this location was the result of this.

The Callan Park Mental Hospital staff allegedly mistreated and ignored all of the patients, according to a report from 1961. Nowadays, the park’s hours of operation vary. A Facebook page named Friends of Callan Park, which provides all the information, is available if you want to learn more about the park.

Gladesville Mental Hospital

Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum used to be the name of this location. This area is near where the Parramatta River meets the city’s main river. After this hospital’s founding in 1838, both the patients and the professionals started abusing and neglecting the patients.

The fact that the victims’ families did not claim the remains resulted in a body pileup in this hospital. The hospital had a place for each of the bodies to be interred. In one of the most well-known haunted locations in Sydney, people have claimed that there is a weird vibe present in this hospital.

Parramatta Gaol Ghost Tours

On this kid-friendly ghost tour in Sydney, travel through time.

The Old Parramatta Prison was founded in 1837, and until it closed in 2011, it was the longest-running prison in Australia. For daring children aged 12 and older, the Murder and Mischief Ghost Tours at Parramatta Gaol will teach you about the history, murders, and ghosts of the historic Old Parramatta Gaol.


While you descend into the haunting buildings and landmarks of this historic district and take a torch- and lantern-lit walk through winding lanes, Explore Sydney Ghost Tours will share tales of the spooky past with you. These spine-tingling stories will amaze you.