African Dance Nights in Sydney

Expect African dance nights in Sydney to be a night like no other. No dance is as earthy as African Dance. The beats and movements are reminiscent of decades even centuries past. It is a form of movement accompanied by drums, motivated by feelings. There is a dance in Africa for almost everything. For work, for love, for a celebration. They have traditional meanings, deep and powerful. Their roles and their very identity exists and play out in these dances. It is an integral part of their culture and have been handed down from parent to child for centuries. Even the drummers commanding the rhythm do not do it by whim. They have practiced that beat for years. It is an honour to command the beat.  A time honoured tradition.

But with the dawn of a new age, the world got smaller. And more adventurous. Those that left their countries usually want a piece of home. And Africans are no exception. Where they went, they brought with them like a South African grocery shop / grocery store, their own food biltong, boerewors; African grocery and spices; and African dance nights in Sydney and other places where they currently are. African dance nights and African dance groups are very active in the Sydney area. From beginners to expert level, there is a dance group available for you. The main thing with African dances is the usual coupling man/woman pairing is not present. Specific groups perform specific dances in their own groups. Sometimes the group becomes one big group and still there will not be a pairing of man woman. 


Dancing is a great activity to indulge in. Not only can it manage your health, increase activity improve overall organ performance, it can also alleviate stress. As it can be a social activity, It also takes care of your emotional health. Speaking with people, interacting. Good for physical fitness and great for social life. 

Unlike traditional African dances, African dance nights in Sydney is all about letting loose, exploring movement and having fun. But most of all, these dance nights is a novel approach to health and wellness.