Insomniacs In Sydney

The City never sleeps. It seems like so many of us never do, too. So many things to do, so little time. Beautiful Sydney is even more picturesque at night delighting the insomniacs in Sydney. At night you will see the twinkling lights both above and below. Their reflection in the water and amongst the buildings and the street delighting everyone. The myriad of people who can only roam about at night. Arranging for a drink in the downtime of the day where it is less frenzied, less crowded. 

You can mind your own business or be with friends. It is a time you encounter such people with 9 to 5 jobs. The corporate lawyer who had to make client calls. The lecturer visiting Sydney for his discourse in Immunology and anatomy. The families wanting to have a meal amidst colourful surroundings. Friends wanting a coffee or something stronger to relax and revive them before going home. The digital nomad finally flexing his people skills.

From late afternoon to the wee hours, insomniacs in Sydney can have unparalleled experience. The Sydney Observatory offers a peek into the night skies and lessons and films to watch at the space theatre. The Sydney Tower Eye or dinner at the 360 Bar for a view of the City while enjoying your space and having a drink.


Find a nice spot and people watch under a tree or pack a few nibbles have a solitary picnic. If that doesn’t appeal to you call a mate to talk about old times. There’s also a party underwater where there’s silent disco at the Sea Life Aquarium or spend overnight glamping at Taronga Zoo. A busy scene but still remain anonymous, insomniacs in Sydney revel going to Chinatown Night Markets. The smells and choices are limitless. Dine in style with the water below and the sky above aboard a luxury yacht. Or take a walk and make it an art night at the Art Gallery. 

Before you know it, the nightbirds dwindle in numbers being replaced with folks preparing another business day. Suppliers tending to their wares before the sun comes out, eager fitness buffs wanting to sweat it out sans the heat. The City that never sleeps is changing its clothes for the other half of the population meeting another day.